Kool Herc

I was saddened by the news I heard regarding Kool Herc this weekend. One of the founding fathers of hip hop is in dire straights. I was immediately compelled to send some money without apprehension. It wasn’t until I talked about this matter with friends and family that they mentioned there are so many more … Continue Reading

In a Do the Right Thing Mood

Radio Raheem Left hand Hate, KO’d by Love! Saying that this is a great film is an understatement. Even after 20 years the subject matter is still just as poignant and thought provoking now as it was then. The various perspectives on intergroup dynamics, stereotypes and life are captivating. What also strikes a chord is … Continue Reading


So, I plan to post some things – things that inspire me and reflect what I love – fantastic music, random mumbling of sorts, and designs. For the most part I am a hip hop and live music fiend, if there is a live hip hop show, I am usually front and center with camera … Continue Reading