The hackneyed phrase, life’s about the the journey, not the destination is all well and good. There are folks whose journeys of self-discovery, healing, or growth are inspirational and worthy of admiration. But then, there are some whose journey seems predestined – written in the stars. I believe that is the case for Jazmine Sullivan.

A quick internet search or skim of her Wikipedia page cements her God given talent. She came into the game early and swinging. A vocalizing phenom in grade school and a songwriting master in her teens, she stepped into her greatness – her destiny, early on. Her path in life was meant to be. She seems to have arrived at her destination and she’s taking in the scenery. She’s waiting for us to catch keep up so she can take us to the next stop.

Sullivan’s latest single, “Pick Up Your Feelings” finds her rooted in her artistic excellence as a singer-songwriter and collaborator. She continues to showcase vocal techniques and timing that keeps mofos on their toes.

Sullivan is like an alchemist, transmuting relationship woes into soulful sounds that move us. She has done so consistency since the release of her first album Fearless in 2008. She BEEN great is all I’m saying. I can’t wait to see how her destiny manifests on the new album.

Keep up with all things Jazmine Sullivan here.

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