Honestly, I am embarrassed that I am just getting hip to Spillage Village. I consider myself a fan of JID, Mereba, and EarthGang respectively; having seen all of them separately between 2018 and 2019. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that they comprise part of a musical collective called Spillage Village. For once, I was thankful for social media algorithms that usually push me to buy items I don’t need. This time around, the matrix led me to HipHopUnrapped, which featured Spillage Village’s album in their Instagram story.

In the age of digital media where some artists release albums choke full of singles for streams, Spillage deviates and provides an eclectic body of work that is both fluid and comprehensive. What I am trying to say is first, listen to this album. Second, don’t shuffle or skip the tracks. Your first listen should be from beginning to end. Trust me.

Another challenge some artists face is conveying an important message without being heavy handed or at odds with backing instrumentation. Here that is not the case. You get vigorous tambourine shakes with 808’s. Instrumentation loops criss cross and blend beautifully with chorus and stylistic flows. Spilligion’s chest thumping beats meld with mindful bars about inequities that have been amplified with a pandemic.

“I ain’t a doctor, I don’t know, but I know rich folks dyin’ too/And I know they gon’ get their treatment first when that shit gets approved.”

Religious references, with track titles like “Shiva”, “Hapi” and nods to Oshun, the Orisha deity of love and sensuality, and “Baptize”, and downright comical descriptions of relations of the physical kind.

“Beat that thang up, rum-pa-pum-pa-pum/Pum-pum-pa-pum-pum-pum-pa-pum.”

I sincerely hollered the first time I heard this line.

Lastly, the features on the album add to the existing depth and breath of talent in the collective. “Judas” touts a pretty stacked list of features which includes Ari Lennox, Masego, and Chance the Rapper. And you can’t convince me that a track with Big Rube will not set your mind at ease, or into a state of deep contemplation, especially during times like these.

An amazing album for the backdrop of life that at times feels like the end of the world, or the beginning of something new, give Spilligion a listen here.

For more information on Spillage Village, check out their website.

For more information on HipHopUnrapped, check out their website. Seriously, they are like the good music plug. They provide incredibly thorough and informative break downs of hip hop lyrics.

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