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It feels like the things will not let up. Since my last post, John Lewis died and more black folx have been harassed and killed. Even more lives have been lost to COVID-19, and just last week, Chadwick Boseman passed away after a four-year long battle with colon cancer. To say I am emotionally tapped out would be an understatement. At this point, it seems like all one can do try to put one foot on front of the other and take it one day at a time.


The timing is right with this one. I have played “숨 (Breath)” by DEAN, Rad Museum, and Mokyo incessantly to reset and recharge in the midst of chaos. “숨 (Breath)” is a gentle reminder to come back into the body and allow the highs and lows of racing thoughts to run their course until eventually, there is stillness, in the mind, body and spirit.

An Entrancing Otherworldly Experience

The entire production lends itself to a contemplative and meditative experience.

“숨 (Breath)” starts with an upward progression of three chords that lay the foundation of the sonic journey. These ascending chords return to their starting point and transform into synthesized notes that are repeated throughout the song. The seemingly effortless use of the bass and a beautiful three part vocal harmony make it easy to focus on the lyrics. Lyrics that act as affirmations and mantras for the listener. 

“It is like the time has stopped
There’s nothing that lasts forever
When time passes”

As the song naturally builds to a climax, the layering of tones is not overwhelming. The you.will.knovv crew slowly introduce additional ambient sounds and stack them on top of each other. Simultaneously, the production team unearths a melody that bubbles and rises into a space where interstellar sounds abound. High pitched notes meet the echoes of kick drums and snares. The snap from drum brushes on cymbals reverberate in space and time with a chorus of tones that fade in and out synchronously like a heartbeat. Miso lends heavenly background vocals that become more robust with time as Mokyo recites “there is nothing bad that lasts forever/When time passes”. Just as Miso reaches her highest note, the song meets an instantaneous end.

Take a Break

In tumultuous and trying times like these, songs like “숨 (Breath)” allow for a reprieve. A chance to reset  and push through to whatever the future holds.

Cover art of (Breath) signal, glass with condensation with text that reads "Serotonin diminishes anxiety"

The tagline of the single, ‘Serotonin diminishes anxiety’ reiterates the point of the this release. Use the single as your serotonin boost. Take those deep breaths. Realize that you are not just breathing, but being breathed, and lock into the everlasting now. Take stock of the present moment. Calm those nerves – even if it is for a brief moment – and then keep moving forward towards the future. A future that is hopefully filled with happiness.

The you.will.knovv Collective

The alternative collective founded in 2017 by Korean R&B singer DEAN consists of an impressive roster of artists who work within various mediums. The collective includes Rad Museum and Mokyo, who recently signed to the label. This single is part of you.will.know’s compilation project, you.will.knovv compilation 0.1.  

Just as the you.will.knovv site states on much of their content, the music is “available wherever you are”, so find some time to ease your mind and listen.

For more information on DEAN, you.will.knovv, and compilation 0.1 check out youwillknovv.com

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