I tend to buy fabric, keep it for years and then make something out of it. It is as if I conduct my sewing with a reverse expiration date. If I cut the fabric before a few years have passed, I will surely find a pattern better suited for the fabric or the print, and live my days with sewing regret, forever and ever, amen. That is what happened with my Kalle top.

I bought this fabric during my foray in the Pacific Northwest in 2016. On one occasion for an impromptu trip to Seattle to see a concert and another short trip for work. 

I bought the fabric from Modern Domestic in Portland, Oregon. It is quilting fabric, and I don’t quilt, but I did not care.

I hemmed and hawed for ages about what to make until I stumbled upon Closet Core Pattern’s sew along for the Kalle Shirt.

Actually, even then I hemmed and hawed some more. For nearly three years to be exact. It wasn’t until I found myself sheltering in place that I made the time to do some sewing in place. I decided to give this pattern and fabric combination a go and I am quite pleased with the finished product.

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