Last year, I was determined to have some semblance of a summer vacation. I knew I couldn’t vacate for a long stretch of time, so I set out to visit some good friends across the country (damn I miss visiting friends). I managed to make it to Denver and Seattle. During my time in Denver, I visited some old haunts. Having lived there several years ago, I wanted to see how things changed or stayed the same.

I had a chance to visit Fancy Tiger Crafts – a space I frequented as I took many a sewing class there when I was living that mile high life. The space had since expanded and the decor changed. I was so happy to see that store was doing well.

As is always the case, I do not go into fabric stores with the intent of buying anything, but it never really pans out that way. I spent most of my time perusing the sales table, where I purchased the Colette Zinnia Skirt pattern. The fabric was not in the sale section though, I went big and bright and purchased this Lady McElroy fabric called Artistic Vibrance.

I decided to mix and match the different Zinnia pattern options. I knew I wanted pockets, but I did not want patch pockets on the skirt given the busy print, so I went with inseam pockets instead.

There is nothing more satisfying than wearing a dress or skirt with in seam pockets.

My fabric is a bit on the transparent side so I used a lining. Now I used lining that I had on hand (dark blue polyester). Not necessarily the best for this fabric, but I made due.

I think I went too hard with the gathering at the hip, but I will live. I am ok with the fullness. Perhaps I will go back and take it down and notch at a later time. The volume of the skirt gave me “Grease” vibes, so I decided to keep that vibe going and made a vintage bra top from a pattern (Simplicity 1426) I used before.

My finished products turned out to be a blend of a 1950’s pattern with 1980’s prints. Works for me. Also, I high-key match the art in my place now, so that is cool too.

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