I have talked at length with my loved ones about my pain, sorrow, frustration and exhaustion. At times, I experienced difficulty tapping into and exuding hope. But as time marches on, so does the movement, and I am inspired by the change that is possible. Anderson Paak’s Juneteenth release of the single and video, “Lockdown” perfectly captured many of the thoughts and feelings swirling about in my mind and heart.

The video includes a poignant verse from Jay Rock, which is not included on the single, that highlights the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and includes a call to action.

“Look at the world we livin’ in, they got it shook
And then you go on your jog
Then your color might get you took
And yet the man in the mirror
Can’t look away, you gotta look at it
Black Lives Matter
So what it means when they shoot at it?”

Since its release, I have played it consistently. To reflect on the picture of protest that .Paak painted. To be reminded of the way we rise up, build, and strategize for continued movement. I listen in an effort to tap into the fire that fuels the collective us to rise up and keep fighting.

The “Lockdown” video includes information on organizations that continue to keep up the good fight. Links to the respective organizations are below.

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective

Dream Defenders

Color of Change

Action Bail Fund LA

Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Albany Bail & Safety Fund for Black Lives

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