I used to scour the interwebs for new music – blends, mixes and the like. Back when my only music management systems were Windows Media Player and iTunes. I would download as many podcasts featuring DJ’s from around the world in hopes of soaking up some good beats and rhymes. I eventually found WeFunk Radio which broadcasts from Toronto, Canada. They blessed my ears with, ‘Kamaal Coltrane’.

The blend speaks to everything I love – it features vocals from Q-Tip, AKA Kamaal the Abstract, member of  one of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time. And the familiar first notes of John Coltrane’s, ‘Giant Steps’ (albeit from a beautiful rendition of the song by Joe Pass). The song that served as my introduction into the genius of Mr. Coltrane.

It was the seed my mother planted in my auditory cortex on a mundane autumn day in 2000. A seed that continued to grow and inform my musical leanings, taste, and exploration. It is more than a masterful piece for me, it holds sentimental value. So when I heard this on the podcast – ears perked up and eyes widened. I listened to the same three minutes and twenty-one seconds repeatedly for days. But as time went on and the ways of music consumption patterns changed, I stopped using iTunes. I stopped keeping up with my podcast subscriptions and relied on Spotify for my music supply.

Well, thankfully ‘Kamaal Coltrane’ has found its way to Spotify as part of Stro Elliot’s release, Moods. An EP that packs in some of Stro’s flips and blends over the last few years. Though ‘Kamaal Coltrane’ may be considered an oldie as it was available in 2014, it is still just as good as the first time it played on my laptop. I hope others discover this jam and enjoy it as much as I do.

Also an aside, WeFunk radio still delivers dope mixes. Check them out here!

For more information on Stro Elliot check out stroelliot.com

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