It’s time for Camp

Now that Halloween is over, I am sharply pivoting from sewing to festival musings. In two days, I will be roaming Dodger Stadium discovering new music and grooving to some of my favs.

It has been a couple of years since I attended the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. My last experience was nothing short of exhilarating.

Plenty of Los Angeles based acts are on the bill, which may serve as ground zero for many up and coming performers to commune, reunite, and potentially collaborate live. Sprinkle a dash of international flare and you have the Camp Flog Gnaw lineup. Genre-bending and hybrid acts abound!

So who I am exciting to see this time around?


Give me genre bending and jazzy compositions. Give me soul and R&B. Give me a soulful vocalist. Get a good time with Daisy on Sunday. I am there.


Likened to Frank Ocean, he is certainly establishing his own sound and visual aesthetic releasing a few EPs and a couple of albums in the last two years.  I am anticipating a set that includes songs from the EP’s, Forever and a Few, Dog Candy, and Mono No Moto. My hope is that the set includes, ‘Petrol Bliss’ and ‘Master P.’

Radiant Children

I saw Radiant Children open for Rex Orange County in San Francisco in late 2018 and I’ve likely played the TRYIN‘ EP everyday since. I am looking forward to more live grooves come Sunday. Like DAISY, Radiant Children is rooted in jazz and soul while branching out into other genres. I am interested to hear how they have further refine a pretty tight sound and how they play around with their established hits during a live set. I thoroughly enjoyed TRYIN, so I will definitely be as close to the stage as humanly possible, showing love and reciting every word of “Poke Bowl.”


Juto’s, ‘Homebody’ has been on my repeat playlist for a solid four months. The simple strum and yearning vocals to retreat home – it is indeed a mood.


Needs no introduction or summary honestly. It is Thundercat. He is performing. It is going to be great.

FKA Twigs

I am ready to have my mind blown. That is all. The interwebs is full of reviews for her live shows. To say I am excited is an understatement.


Longtime fan – well, with a brief hiatus after the release of the Dark Skin Girls video. Looking forward to enjoying his ever evolving sound at Dodger Stadium.

Dominic Fike

“Phone Numbers” is on the same playlist as Juto’s, “Homebody.” I am looking forward to hearing Dominic blend Hip-Hop stylings with a R&B and pop flare.

Elephant Gym

A math-rock trio hailing from Taiwan, it seems like Elephant Gym could be a wildcard on the bill, but they seem to be on par with many of the artists set to perform. Another successful byproduct of multiple genres coming together to create something new. Having never heard of them before seeing the bill, I have done some research and I am anxiously awaiting this set. I hope that the set allows for some live improvisation. Looking forward to what the trio will bring to concert goers over the weekend.


Naija stand up! I discovered Santi randomly on YouTube (when Youtube recommendations go right, cause many times they go oh so wrong). I am here for the Alté movement in the Nigerian music scene. Grateful that Tyler, The Creator has his eye on what is going on abroad.

21 Savage

The now defunct Runaway Jukebox podcast crew did an amazing review of 21 Savage’s Issa Album. Since then, I have been a fan. Although I do not listen as regularly to his discography, I am ready to count aloud, the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 M’s in my imaginary bank account.

Tyler the Creator

If it is not obvious from one of my Halloween costumes, I am a fan of IGOR. I will leave my suits at home though.

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