In May, Tyler, The Creator released IGOR. The release was teased with with short clips of Tyler, The Creator performing songs from the album wearing bright colored suits while rocking a blond wig. Unclear about the aesthetic, but I was into it. And thus it prompted another Halloween idea – another nod to a Hip-Hop artist I have grown to appreciate over time.

Now, how to achieve this look? Use these hyperlinks to go directly to the section of the post that shows you how to do all, some, or none (by buying all the costume pieces) of it yourself.

Do it all yourself boo!

The Entire Suit

If you want to go all out, you can buy a sewing pattern, fabric, and buttons. Simplicity patterns has plenty of options. In my Halloween rush, I went for Simplicity 8528 which is a men’s suit pattern which likely caused some issues with fitting in the shoulder and sleeve, but hindsight is 20/20 right!? The retail price for the pattern is approximately fifteen dollars, but JoAnn Fabrics always has Simplicity patterns on sale for two bucks. Keep on eye on to snag this pattern when the price is right.

Fabric Selection and Notions (buttons)

I used Kona fabric from Jo Ann’s for the pink and red suit as part of a test run. I would suggest using a heavier fabric that will have more body. My take this show on the road blue suit was made of twill. I found the twill to hang better and hold up after dancing out in the streets on Halloween night. I used these buttons for as close as a match as I could get to the actual suit.

Another great pattern is Simplicity’s Mimi G 8749 pattern which has an online sew along so you can follow along with Mimi G as she sews every single piece together! Can’t lose with this one. You can get step by step online instruction with Mimi G!

Make the jacket as long or as short as you want. You will likely want to make it shorter to achieve the exact look.

Again, the regular price of the pattern is around fifteen, but you can snag this pattern on the cheaper side at JoAnn’s when the store has it frequent pattern sales.

Blazer Details – The Welt Pocket

A welt pocket is a flat pocket finished with a welt (raised or rolled edge) or have a reinforced border along the edge of a piece of fabric on a jacket or pant. You may often see them on tailored suits. I was stubborn about having welt pockets on the blazer which I think you can forgo. If you have on all the other accessories and have the bright colored suit, I think folks won’t mind if you do not have welt pockets. If you are like me and like to make more trouble for yourself on the DIY front, there are plenty of tutorials on welt pockets on the interwebs. I am fond of Shwin and Shwin’s tutorial.

I tried on my blazer to get a better sense of where I wanted to put the welt pocket before drawing it on my blazer with tailors chalk and cutting out the blazer.

The IGOR Button

Unfortunately, I could not find the IGOR button when I made this costume. In the mad dash to have something that resembled the pin, I took the supplies I had to create a button. I hot glued some gold sequined trim I had in my stash to an old button.

Simplicity Single Strand Sequin Trim 0.25\u0027\u0027 Gold

I started by gluing the trim to the outside of the button and went around in a circle towards the middle of the button until the entire button was covered.

If I thought this through a bit more, I would have purchased gold rhinestone trim from Micheal’s and glued it onto the button. Thereafter, I would have glued on black rhinestone trim to spell out “IGOR”. Learn from my mistakes folks.

Do some of it yourself

The Entire Suit

UPDATE 8/21/20: I found this video that I think will be easier to follow than the text below. In the video, you will see Britt Jokes taking apart suits from the thrift store to achieve the IGOR look.

Suit making on the fly not your cup of tea? If you have some sewing skills you can purchase a couple of suits on the cheap and modify them to achieve the look.

If you are going for the red and pink suit, buy one red and one pink suit in the same size. Try to find a suit with pants with an elastic waist preferably. Buy a seam ripper (or a pair of scissors if you are in a pinch) and use it to cut out the threads that connect the left sleeve to the blazer.

Use the same seam ripper to cut out the threads that hold the right leg of the red pant to the rest of the pants. This will leave you with one red left sleeve and one red right leg that are no longer attached to anything. They are ready to make moves and get sewn onto the pink suit.

Just as you did with the left sleeve and right leg of the red suit, go ahead and remove the left sleeve and right leg of the pink suit.

Now attach the red sleeve to the pink blazer and the red leg to the pink pants.

This process is easier if you have pants that do not have a fly/zipper. If you are working with pants with a fly/zipper it will take a bit more work to reconstruct the pants. Keep this in mind.

Do none of it yourself

The Entire Suit

About a week before Halloween, Tyler, The Creator sold his infamous suit in three different colors. Though sold out, maybe, just maybe they will get restocked for next Halloween. Bookmark the Golf Wang site, just in case.

I won’t inundate you with links, but a little search of “IGOR costume” on Reddit will lead to a host of ideas on suiting options, like this baby blue suit on Ebay.

The Wig

I have made a wig or two in my day, but I did not go full on DIY with this costume.

I bought a blond bob wig from Amazon and tried my best to snip it into a well-coifed bowl cut.

The Shoes

I am convinced that Tyler, The Creator is wearing a pair of silver creepers buy T.U.K like these in the “Earfquake” video, but I could be wrong.

I opted for some Qupid silver tuxedo loafers from Poshmark for $19. Looks there are a couple pairs on Poshmark for $28.

If you are trying to achieve the look from the, “What’s Good” video, a regular pair of black loafers should suffice.


The IGOR Button

If the 14 karat button option is not your style, you can purchase a different button. Etsy has plenty of folks selling “Vote for IGOR” buttons.

The Grill

The custom grill will have to wait for another day for me. But if you are so inclined, use that Amazon flex and buy one online. Grills of the faux gold kind are available online and in brick and mortar stores like Claire’s and Forever 21. Many of the reviews suggest that the online options are not the best quality, so use your discernment before hitting the checkout button.

The Sunglasses

I got my sunglasses from a resale store for ten dollars. Stores like Claire’s, Spencers, and even Forever 21 should have similar frames.

The Mic

Oh, and the mic? I just happened to have one lying around, but you can certainly buy one from a costume shop.

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