The Us Jumpsuit

Jordan Peele had me stress eating popcorn in early March with the release of Us. Who knew “I Got Five On It” could be so creepy? To boot, Lupita was EVERYTHING! So what better way to show appreciation for the film and star than to make a costume? I love making jumpsuits, so I immediately thought I would go hard in the paint and make an exact replica.

But I paused and realized that last year and in previous years, I would spend so much time making muslins, testing different fabrics and a host of other things to make a costume to perfection. This go around, I decided to keep things simple and with that said, give myself some options in the event that I could not devote as much time as I would like to sewing. Sometimes life happens and you are forced to use that Amazon Prime flex. So I laid out a few backup options for myself and anyone else searching through the interwebs thinking of making the Us jumpsuit in the future.

So here is what I recommend to do all, some, and none of it yourself.

Do it all yourself, boo!


The Jumpsuit

Get that pattern, get that fabric and go in. I used Merchant and Mills’ Thelma pattern with slight modifications to the waistline and pockets. I shifted the front pant pockets a few inches to make the pocket opening a bit narrow as it appears on the characters from the film and went sans breast and back pockets on this number. If you look closely, you will notice that I reversed the pattern so that the placket and zipper facing were on the opposite side cause, am I truly one of the Tethered if I use the jumpsuit pattern with the fly on the right side, hmmm? I also added a waistband to the front. A little grading of the pattern and voila.

Do some of it yourself


The Jumpsuit

Don’t want to splurge on fabric and notions and don’t want to spend your entire weekend making a jumpsuit? Already have a red long sleeve shirt and jeans? Then consider refashioning an existing shirt and pants or scrubs or even a pajama set into a jumpsuit. Utilize the methods in this video to create a jumpsuit with existing garments to cut down on construction time. I would suggest keeping the collar as the video tutorial cuts off the color for a v-neck. The Tethered did not rock v-necks so no need to hack the collar off.

Buy it yourself

The Jumpsuit

Perhaps you only have a few days before Halloween arrives and you don’t want to stay up upcycling garments from your wardrobe into a costume or stay up all night cutting and sewing. The interwebs is at your service. Red jumpsuits are available at various clothing retailers. Hell, you can buy the entire fit here.

The Gloves

Strikingly similar driving gloves are a plenty on Amazon.

The Scissors

Unless you are casting iron or 3D on the regular or have a hook up. I suggest purchasing scissors from an online retailer. If you know someone local who can make the scissors, holler at them. Honestly, any pair of scissors should do as the jumpsuit, glove, and scissors should together should be a clue into the costume you are going for.

Tie the three together and you are all set. Happy Haunting!

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