Take a trip with me back to January 1, 2019. I went into 2019 with a bah-humbug attitude. I did not subscribe to new year’s resolutions as they brought on too much pressure. Notwithstanding, I was more than relieved to leave 2018 behind me and I wanted to demonstrate that in some way. I did so by getting tidy.

In 2017, I decided to enact the live changing art of tidying up. The preface of the book boasts that individuals who completed this endeavor serendipitously met the love of their life, got new jobs, and or acquired a host of wonderful things because they removed items from his or her home that did not bring them joy. Essentially, purging and decluttering one’s space makes one happy. I completed 85% of the journey in 2017 and had an equally matched return on investment with my life experiences (the 15% I missed was a whammy. I should have completed the decluttering process in one fell swoop).

As I reflected on this effort and what came of it, I decided to go hard or go home and finally carry the task to completion in 2019. That meant going through my fabric stash. As I wearily began to go through my fabric and notions, I happened upon some faux fur my sewing partner gave me many years ago. Now, I don’t wear much faux fur, thus the reason it was in the stash, but I thought I could make something that would bring me joy.

I now have a faux fur vest and jacket. I used Simplicity 8219 for the faux fur vest and Simplicity 1284 for the jacket. Granted, I had to buy fabric to make the jacket, but I think the two fabrics works well together.   

Although I did not make a garment with this fabric for a long time, I realized that I never got rid of it because simply having it around brought me joy. I am even happier now that I have finished garments. I likely won’t wear these items until the fall, but I may where them sooner given these sporadic spring temperatures. Marie Kondo is out here changing lives folks. Here’s to a tidier 2019.

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