It’s springtime in the Bay Area and its a crisp 63 degrees. While I fantasize about 80 degree days and wearing crop tops, I am slowly compiling songs for a fancy-free summer season. Jackson Lundy’s “Justwanna” is certainly part of the the summertime bops playlist.

First of all, the bass – play “Justwanna” with a high quality sound system so that you can dwell in the low tones of the song’s opening. Though straightforward, the opening captured my attention – “Who the hell is blending these chords and that dank bass?!?” The guitar solo isn’t bad on the ears either.

Low key, I wouldn’t mind spending my summer days riding around town in a drop top with the first 20 seconds of the song on an endless loop at maximum volume. Similarly “Justwanna” is about someone who catches Jackson’s eye and is also riding around and gettin it.

Jackson starts with a smooth, and what sounds like effortless vibrato that perfectly accompanies the mellow instrumentation, setting the tone for a relaxed ambiance. Although short, coming in at a little less than three minutes, the song leaves a lasting impression.

It appears that Jackson Lundy is a burgeoning young artist, as I could not find a lot of information about him. I wonder why he does not get a lot of hype, given that his sound is sonically on par with several other up and coming r&b and soul artists in the game. I gather it might be because he is still in school (I am not on stalker status, Google is free, and I am a researcher by trade). What I did manage to find was his latest EP, Aromatic, which he released late last year. I am certainly excited to see what the future has in store for Jackson. In the meantime, I’ll keep this EP on deck. I will certainly be playing it sans drop top throughout the season.

Check out Jackson Lundy’s music and find out what he is up to on SpotifyInstagram, Soundcloud.

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