Camp Lo’s Uptown Saturday Night turned 20…Excuse me, while I let that sink in a bit.

Recently I found myself in something of a creative output dilemma. My mother bought me a ton of fabric to use to make garments that I could sell, but I kept finding myself eyeing the fabric and making something for myself – selfish much? Well this garment isn’t any different. I sat with this fabric for a while. It wasn’t until I was listening to Jay-Z’s “Who you Wit” and Camp Lo’s, “Luchini”, that I realized what I had to do.

Jay’s single served as an example of the sound Camp Lo perfected and continues to use to this day. Quick aside, I just wanted to note that I loved the dance-off that took place at the end of the “Who you Wit” video.

The way Jay-Z instructed homegirl to use her finishing move is legendary. It is as if they worked together for months to tighten up the choreography before the players ball. I don’t know how they completed that scene with straight faces.

“Let’s get rich, what
The jiggy vines and sugar dimes”

Ok, back to Camp Lo. It is evident that Camp Lo was heavily influenced by Blaxploitation, eschewing the 90’s Boogie Down Bronx look in favor of 70s-inspired fits. Camp Lo doesn’t stop there, they ensured their entire essence personified 70’s swag, jiggy vines and all. Uptown Saturday Night was filled with 70’s references and slang. Their songs exclusively sampled seventies R&B melodies. For example, “Luchini” sampled Dynasty’s “Adventures in the Land of Music”.

As I was listening to “Luchini,” my train of thought led me to believe that bell bottom overalls were the way to go. It was like a little disco angel sat on my shoulder and gave me the good word.



I don’t have an afro, but I have a big bun


Will I ever wear this out and about, I am not sure, but I am damn sure proud of my final product. I think I would have fit in as a great extra in the “Luchini” video.

Since making these overalls, I have changed my ways and made another pair of overalls for someone else. If anybody in the wide expanse that is the interwebs would like to cop some bell bottom overalls, please be my guest and head over to the shop. If not, I think I will be able to give them a good home.

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I love it. Cheers.



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