2DopeBoyz put me on to Daniel Caesar in 2015 and I became an immediate fan. Two weeks ago, Caesar released his debut album, Freudian. Someone on Twitter said it best,  “Freudian is what love sounds like”. New love, love lost, love of love. I am currently in love with the last song on the LP, “Freudian”.

Like many of the songs on the album, there are notes of a gospel influence. “Freudian” ensconced me in gospel notes – a hymnal retreat.

I found myself emphatically clapping on each syllable as I said, “Ok, Altos! Come through altos!”, followed by a wave of my right hand in praise, as the background vocalists effortlessly swayed between octaves. Felt like I was sitting in a service for love and love lost, experiencing a multitude of emotions at once. Alone, in the middle pew, wrapped in the echoes of the chords – the long tones between guitar strums and key strokes.

Immediately upon the release of Freudian, Caesar announced an American Tour. I tried to purchase tickets – I literally sneezed and tickets at my local venue sold out. If you can catch him while on tour, check him out. If you can’t afford that good stub hub inflated ticket, put Freudian on repeat, you won’t be disappointed.

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