The long and short of it is, I heard Steve Lacy’s, “Dark Red” and became obsessed.

High hat, bass dram and guitar strum bring you into an indie soul jam. When I listened to Dark Red, I fell into a kaleidoscope of colors reds and browns of contrasting textiles and textures. Dirty sturdy denim, flannel and brass. I saw red, orange and purple and desert sand browns. I guess that is what an indie soul songs look like to me. Me no know.

All that said, I decided to make a denim jacket. This is my first foray in jean jacket making. I hesitated for quite some time as I did not have all of the materials to see the idea come into fruition. Amazon Prime is just a click away, so I finally got my act together and purchased the proper materials to attach jean buttons and sew multiple layers of denim without destroying my sewing machine.

Now the construction of the jacket was pretty straightforward. I used a pattern as my guide, cause again, first foray.

I thought about adding a black satin cut out as part of the lining. There is no shortage of snowflake chain or snowflake garland tutorials online, but I found myself incredibly hard pressed to find any links, websites or images that provided me with insights on how to make a cut out of the design I had in mind. I went ahead and cut out the design, but the finishing will take a bit time and will have to happen on another day.

I thought some silk or rayon could act as the barrier to the kaleidoscope-esque lining. I made the silk lining detachable so that I don’t have to drag around, what may appear as a brown slip, throughout the day.

Ok, so I am not a huge fan of this jacket. I used a Butterick pattern (B5616) to make the jacket. I had to cut out quite of bit of fabric from the sides and sleeves and it was still boxy and big. To make matters worse, threads snapped and needles broke all along the way. I washed this joint in hot water twice in a row just to get it to this size. I even tried to make the jacket distressed a bit. It was as if my sewing machine and I were over it. I hope to go back and finish the button holes and tweak some pieces, but for now, this is it.

Facial expression captures my initial reaction to the finished product.

I may not like the jacket, but I still like Steve Lacy’s Demo.

Interested in making your own jean jacket from scratch (I may just do this next time)! Check out this tutorial from StyldByChris on Youtube. First tutorial I stumbled upon – and it has a dope instrumental!

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