A bagillion years ago, I took a draping class and learned to make a pant pattern. I have noted this before and I will note it again, why we learned to make a pant pattern in a draping course is beyond me, but hey, at least I can make pants from scratch now. During the class I didn’t ask for much help cause I’m I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know that that means? It means I made pants that required a bunch of alterations later.

Now don’t get me wrong, I used the pant pattern to make another set of high-waist pants for a Halloween costume and they came out really well. But even then, my sewing partner and I noticed something odd about the pants. As I continued to use the pattern, the oddity boggled my mind. What oddity you ask? What would cause me unease each time I eased into my pants. The dreaded poof.  See exhibit A.

See that poof, pooch, whatever you want to call it blocking my shine!? Rude.

Something had to be done. So in an effort to get to the bottom of this poof issue, I went to work on my pattern. I figured something was wrong with the rise in my jeans so I addressed that first. The interwebs had a wealth of information that helped me fix the rise in the pants. First, I used Professor Pin Cushion’s video to address what appeared to be a long crotch in my pattern.

After changing the rise, I noticed that my fabric still bunched up around the crotch, so I continued to wrestle with the rise. I then decided to roll back to my pattern altering days and pinned the excess fabric. I thought I would account for the excess in my pants and take it out of my pattern. Sure Fit Design’s video confirmed that this was the best next step. A few more slight changes here and there and I think I got it. The pants still fit nicely, but the bunching has gone down quite a bit. I think there is still something a bit off in the pattern, but it seems less pronounced and noticeable.

Poof Free Pants

Now the only poof I have to worry about is the poof around my midline. I need to get ready for summer 17.

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