I have a morning playlist that gets me ready to take on the day with good vibes and notes I can only reach in the comfort of my own shower. Twelve’len’s, “Star Dust” is now on the playlist.

Why? Well, first off all that black boy joy. If you don’t smile after seeing all these folks dancing (I mean the little girl with the afro puff and mom dancing in the kitchen) you need to watch the video a few more times. The tune is meant to move you and remind you that you my friend can’t be stopped. That you are made of star stuff.

In the middle of the video, Twelve’len describes his album:

“I just wanted to create the perfect soundtrack to your last days on earth…Most of the emotions in which I want people to feel, to tap into at a higher frequency of happiness.”

If that ain’t enough proof that this joint is meant to activate your happy, I don’t know what is.

Catch more good vibes on Twelve’len’s Soundcloud page.

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