It’s cold out, the rain is coming down hard and the lights in my place flickered seconds before the rumble of thunder hit my window pane. I should be sleeping and getting ready for the forthcoming work day, but I am hype from turning up on a Tuesday – sewing and pattern making, ha. Spotify provided the soundtrack to the turn up festivities. As the weather turned for the worse, I turned down (ain’t gon’ catch me near lights with all this thundering and lightning) and so did Spotify.

I saved H.E.R late last year after seeing it in many a social media music streams from Hillydilly to 2DopeBoyz. I saved H.E.R. Vol. 1 with the intent of giving it a full listen, but life, a short attention span and a trash year got the best of me. Spotify shuffle came through tonight and played “Losing”.

H.E.R, “Losing”

The synths echo and dart through a confined and hollow space and lead to an opening with H.E.R. describing affection and addiction to a lover. As she glides into light, brief runs at the end of the first verse, you sway with her in bliss, as she reminisces on what drew H.E.R to this toxic, one-sided relationship.

Sexy R&B and heartbreak at its finest. H.E.R.’s vocal reach reminds me of Alicia Keys with some Drake bounce, bob and weaves over and between syllables. The homage to R&B songstress Aaliyah is a nice touch as well.

During the interlude you are caught in the mix of stress, sorrow and confusion produced by the warped and reworked instrumental, which is followed by H.E.R repeating the question she asked throughout the song, “What are we doing?”

Who is H.E.R (she)?

Pic: Instagram, @hermusicofficial

After hearing her lovely voice, you may be moved to dig up all you can on H.E.R. and devour every bit. But you won’t find much, and I appreciate that. Some may consider being secretive while maintaining an online presence as an artist to be hokey, but I certainly appreciate it. I commend those who are hella active on social media, cause I can’t stomach posting my whereabouts and goings on for all to see on the regular. Hell, I think I posted one Facebook status in 2016 and I don’t think more than 10 people actually saw it (security settings on point).

It makes the listening experience that much richer and valuable. In this age, we want to know someone’s life story out the gate. Know what influenced the creation of a beautiful piece instead of just enjoying it. H.E.R forces you to heighten your senses because you can’t really grasp at anything besides what she gives to you through song. You don’t need to know anything about H.E.R. to relate to the emotions conveyed in “Losing”.

So just listen.

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