Sometimes, hell, many a time, Spotify will throw some music at me that I would truly fall for. But sometimes I am not in the right place to fully receive it.
Prime example, MONTHS ago my weekly discover playlist contained a Daye Jack song, I never listened to it (I blame the shuffle feature). Fast forward to Monday morning, after a good long vacay on the East Coast, strolling into work Monday morning was quite a feat to say the least. I cut to my go to songs for the Monday morning routine – I played Noname’s “Hold me Up” on Soundcloud while I scrolled through my emails and what followed stopped me in my tracks.

Ok ride with me for a second – in the first six seconds of the song you are introduced to the sweet harmonies of Take 6. I lift my right hand in praise each time I hear it. One can never go wrong with a Take 6 sample if ya ask me. Take 6 sets the scene and Daye Jack plays it up with his mellow flow. Don’t get it twisted I love my job! I also love this song. Give Daye Jack’s Soul Glitch a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

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