As long as I have been sewing, Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been a time when I go home and get some sewing in. Before the turkey or Jollof rice stole the show on the dining room table, I made it my workspace. During the Christmas of 2014, I finished a jumpsuit I meant to finish in November -_-.

I always sew with music playing. If a song inspired the creation of a garment, I usually played it to motivate me to get through the project. This time around, I asked Google Play to suggest some background music. The suggestion, Under Pressure by Logic.

Now upon my first listen, I did not vibe with this album. If memory serves me well, this record received criticism because of its similarities to Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid M.A.A.D City. Rightfully so. If one were to read Very Smart Brotha’s post about this album, one could see why some folks were apprehensive to lean wit it, rock wit it all the way. All that said, I had to listen to the album a few more times during the holidays to appreciate this cat and his first major release.

My true head nod moment came during a holiday traffic-laden drive to the airport. Right there and then on the 605, I’m Gone came on. At that moment, it was like I heard the song for the first time – I latched on and there was no letting go. With I’m Gone, Logic demonstrated his ability to piece samples and chopped up vocals together for a rich track. The tracked coupled with his spitfire-machine gun cadence had me hooked, and inspired me to sew.  Not one, not two, but three, three pullovers – word to Count von Count.


When I heard this song, I got this sense of being in a dark, cold place. The haunting vocals that open the song gave me chills. When the beat dropped – no lie,  all I wanted to do was pop and lock and I am not that good at popping and locking (think Napoleon Dynamite dance scene).

Used the leftover fabric to make some sweatpants


All of those thoughts of popping and locking directed my focus towards the elbow – weird I know. But think about it. How dope would it be to form your own angles with your upper body as you pop and lock. The fabric around your body forming its own set of angles Still weird, I know.



Five pieces make up the panel around the elbow


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