Several years ago my mom and I had a conversation about musicians we wanted to see live. Her take, no one – everyone she wanted to see passed away. All the greats lived on through their creations – their vinyl, CDs tapes and now MP3s. I imagine that today, plenty of folks have the same take as they think about Malik Taylor.

Look, A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ) was and is part of the soundtrack to my life – childhood, adolescence, even adulthood. They are in many ways responsible for my musical taste and fond memories of hip-hop. This appreciation runs so deep, so deep (I could go on and on and on and) put your ass to sleep…I’m just saying, when I learned how to play the guitar the first thing I did – learned the bassline to Electric Relaxation. I’m not even in a relationship, but I imagine that I will somehow incorporate an Electric Relaxation/Mystic Brew number into my nuptial celebration. I scoured the world wide web for days to find this El Segundo T-Shirt. I want to recreate the Midnight Marauders album cover with a group of friends just for sh**s and giggles. Damn man, my blog name is based off a Tribe Album!!! Suffice it to say, ATCQ is deeply rooted in my hip-hop identity.

My general take is that folks immediately think of Q-Tip when they think about the group, but there is no ATCQ without Phife. You could easily pick out Phife from the group, not only because of his distinctive gruff Queens borough accent, but his solid gold one-liners and rhymes that are now part of hip-hop history.

When the reality of his passing hit me, I immediately thought of about his health issues with diabetes and shook my head in sadness. While I held those sorrowful feelings, I thought about that single solitary time I saw ATCQ live. Almost instantly, I was filled with gratitude.
Only pick I have of ATCQ set at Rock the Bells in 2004 - HA!
Only pick I have of ATCQ set at Rock the Bells in 2004 – HA!
Gratitude to grow up in a time when such music thrived. To have had the opportunity to witness his greatness.

 Thank you Phife Dawg. Rest in Peace.

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