High Waist Ankara Pants Side View Made a fresh pair of pants, my knickers…

Vibing off of Jidenna’s newest joint, My Knickers.

Now, growing up my parents used the Queens English (damn colonization) and used the term knickers to refer to ones undergarments. Clearly, this word has been jammed, smacked, flipped and rubbed down to draw attention to a society that embraced some aspects of Black culture yet denigrated the people responsible for its very existence.

Bought a new pair of pants, my knickers
Papa got a brand new dance, my knickers
Wanna cuff, wanna hem my knickers
In the school they be tryna suspend my knickers
Their whole style, it depends on knickers

My fellow Naija brethren is known to rock some mean ankara ensembles (see his spread with Jessica Chibueze promoting the Ankara Ball here -Yes LAWD!) and inspired me to make a pair of knickers.I worked with some fabric scraps from a dress I had made in Nigeria. Initially, I thought the construction of these pants would be easy peasy. My knickers -_-.

Ankara Pants 
Ankara Pants 
At first glance, the loops and waves aligned. Perfect for a pair of wide leg pants. ‘I will cut right down the middle and stitch those bad boys, a little flick of da wrist and voila magic’. Naw, naw naw. Once I spread the fabric out, I noticed an ever so slight curve from one salvage to the other. And to boot, the curves varied for each row of the loops. I had to admit, I appreciated the imperfection in the fabric. I believed it illustrated the workmanship in that the print wasn’t made from a machine. Someone used their skills to get the print in as precise layout as they could and they came pretty damn close. Now this appreciation didn’t help when it came to making the pants though….I used the interwebs to get out of this pickle. Tasia St. Germaine’s matching prints tutorial at Sewaholic served as my guide as a I matched the loops as best as I could. I think I did alright for a first try.
High Waist Ankara Paints Front View
High Waist Ankara Paints Front View 2
If you have not heard Knickers give it a listen here.

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