Some of my friends are surprised by the music on my Soundcloud playlists. When I am out in the world with them, I am easily 100 on the hype-o-meter. You need a hype woman for a rendition of Beyonce’s Flawless at karaoke? I got chu! Need someone to join your breakdancing competition in Clarion Alley? I got chu! Hype like ’99 Busta Rymes, rawr, rawr like a dungeon dragon style! With all that said, a lot of the music I am drawn to these days gives folks the impression that I am all about the turn down. Currently I am drawn to music that facilitates self-reflection. A lot of those songs are sultry lullabies about love and life challenges. So it is no surprise that I was immediately drawn to West by River Tiber.
The crooning that opened up the song took me to a familiar place (is that a sample of Mac Miller’s ROS I hear?). The familiarity was not the only thing that drew me in. River’s somber, echoing murmurs to those he is leaving as he heads west had me all up in my feels.
Tell me you’ll miss me
Back in the city
This stream flows quickly
You can’t come with me
It doesn’t hurt that River collabs with Daniel Caesar on this track, a talented singer in his own right.
Clearly, West is going on my playlist…

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