Per usual, I am a day late and a dollar short. I finally saw DOPE. A friend of mine was surprised that I had gone this long without seeing the film. She mentioned that she thought of me when she saw it – wasn’t sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult until tonight.

This film struck all the right chords with me. Strumming my pain with its fingers, singing my life with its words…Fu-Gee-La… Alright, it was not that deep, but I appreciated all the nods to my childhood and adolescence experiences.

To start…

90s hip-hop YO!! I consider myself to be a hip-hop head and reminisce (Trouble T-Roy style) on 90s hip hop as the golden era of the genre. This soundtrack brought back YO! MTV Raps, BET’s The Basement feels. The pairing of these joints and jams with each scene served as a perfect soundtrack to the protagonist’s life. Director and writer Rick Famuyiwa used his talents to paint a picture of the complexities of black life in Los Angeles (granted dramatized in many respects) and addressed some serious issues around race, access, and opportunity without being incredibly heavy handed. I could go on for days. I just know that after watching it I thought, “Hmmm I wouldn’t mind watching this again, hell I might even buy it on DVD – do people still buy DVDs!?”

With all that said, the soundtrack inspired me to start on a couple of projects. Unfortunately sewing time is reserved for halloween costumes, so I decided to channel my inner 80’s baby and rock this fit.

Keith Haring Sweatshirt
 Keith Haring sweatshirt and overalls for the win.

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Love it! Cheers.

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