So way back when, in December of 2013, I attended one of the livest events of the year – Wonder-Full.
Now what is Wonder-Full? It is a celebration of the eighth wonder of the world, Stevie Wonder. Every December for the past ten years, Bay Area folks congregate and get down to all of the musical gems Mr. Wonder has dropped in his 40+ years as a musician. DJ Spinna is on the ones and twos from 11pm to 4am. That is just enough time to feel so Overjoyed that you want to paint a Ribbon in the Sky, and maybe even find a Part-Time Lover (obviously I am a fan and I am ridiculous). When flyers were released to the public in preparation for last years event, I thought it would be cool to make an outfit for that evening, based on the flyer. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure what that would look like, but here is the finished product. Sidenote: I know…it is March and not December. I didn’t finish this in time to wear it.
Grey and Gold Jumpsuit
During the time, I was on a jumpsuit craze. I made quite a few jumpsuits during the summer and fall which probably influenced my decision to make this number.
Jumpsuit View 3
I tried to model the color scheme and design of the jumpsuit to the flyer. I actually used the wrong side of the fabric for this garment, as I thought the right side of the garment was too, Puff Daddy and Mase shiny suit-esque.
Jumpsuit View 4
I thought painting the drawstring would be a great idea. Well…it turned out to be one of the hardest pieces to work. I painted the drawstring with gold fabric paint and once it dried it was stiff as a board. I couldn’t manipulate the drawstring very much after that, but like Tim Gunn says, make it work!

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