Whenever I go to the fabric store with the intent of getting one thing, but I always leave with a basket full of items. The same thing happens to me when I go to Target. Last month, as I went to the fabric store to buy some zippers, I bought this printed fabric.

Animal Print Pants

Now, I have been out of the tailored pant making game for a while. I learned how to make jeans from scratch in a draping class of all places, but I finished that class many moons ago, so I felt like I had to start from square one when it came to making these bad boys. I used a number of online resources to help me because it takes a village.

When it came to perfecting the wasitband I used Mr. McFarland’s video tutorial. I want to be this man when I grow up, with a tailored suit and all! I found Avery Lane to be helpful with some waistband tips too. I also found a step by step guide for jean constructing that helped me with some fly front difficulties that I ran into.

And voila!


I wore the pants to San Francisco’s Fashion Tech Week Reception at Atelier Emmanuel late last month. During the reception I met a lot of young creative individuals integrating technology into fashion. Companies like Nifty, allow designers to customize patterns for women of all shapes and sizes using just a picture of your client on a smartphone, while others creatives developed apps that allow you to take a picture of an item and find retailers that sell similar items based on features like color and texture, and of course there were some awesome aspiring bloggers!

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Great Job!


Too Cute!!!



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