Last weekend, my good friends got together to explore the Alameda Flea Market. The mission, I chose to accept it, was to explore this massive faire. My friends and I got there bright and early at 9:45am (for a Sunday morning that is pretty early since I got up around 7:00am to prep). I didn’t leave until 2pm.

Alameda Flea Market

Even after all that time, I did not make it make it from point A to point Z, I think I made it to Q (There are letters on the ground letting you know your progress). I found a couple of treasures and tried to brush up on my haggling skills.  I really did not know what to expect, gentry used items that no one needs, dress forms, thingamabobs and such, but it was a beautiful treasure house. You need it, they had it – yardsticks, industrial furniture, antique furniture, photo albums, creepy dolls. I found a few items, the first of which I think I could have payed a little less for, but you live and learn. I need to get my haggling skills in order before I venture out the market again. I think I might have to tailor it a bit, I did not have a mirror so I could not see how well it fit, but I think it has potential.


Alameda Flea Jacket

I did not cop the glasses.

I stumbled upon a couple of things while I was on my fantastic voyage, some vinyl. Several retailers had stacks of vinyl for the digging, but I initially found some vinyl stack necklaces. You can purchase these online, but that takes all the fun out of it – I haggled and got a deal on these!

Tower of Power Record
I wore these immediately with my one of my (new) favorite t-shirts. A tribute to A Tribe Called Quests, Lost My Wallet in El Segundo.
El Segundo T Shirt 
El Segundo Shirt 

When I saw the shirt I knew, I had to get it, I had had to get. There is only one t-shirt left, in the world at Moose Limited – no lie, no lie, no lie (drake style). So if you want to get this shirt and you can fit a small – get on it!

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This is the most awesome shirt EVER!! If you lived in NYC, I'd try to steal it from you, lol



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