It is that time of year. The seasons are changing; the cool fall winds are blowing through your neighborhood, U.S.A, dancing with marigold and orange leaves in the street. But you can scratch all that, round these parts it is hot as hell. Yesterday it had to be more than 80 degrees. Sometimes folks rock summer wear, coming from where I’m from, I’m from. Since the weather is permitting, I made another romper with the same pattern as the one inspired by Quadron’s Looking for Trouble.

Black Romper





Nice thing about this romper, maybe even a pro tip – I used the selvages as my finished edges. If you have fabric to spare, cut some of your pattern pieces with the edges on the selvage, that way you will already have a finished end. I didn’t have to hem my romper as a result.

Despite this lovely weather, I am aware of the fact that sooner or later a change is gon’ come and fall will be in full effect. One of the markers of fall is Halloween, one of my favorite unofficial holidays because of all the costume making that takes place. More often than not, I wait until the last minute to make a costume (think October 30 1:00am – I am frantically throwing fabric together for a Halloween party that night) and more often than not, people don’t know who I am trying to be.

Cupid Halloween Costume

I had a red sash, a bunch of arrows with a small bow, and wings (not in picture). Someone thought I was Santa’s little fairy genie helper. I didn’t know Santa rolled with such specialized staff. I was cupid for Halloween.

This year, I hope things are a little different. I conceptualized my costume in June and throughout the summer I have been working with a friend to create a Randy Watson costume. Yep, that is right, Randy “Sexual Chocolate” Watson.

They play so fine, don’t you agree? At any rate, the children are indeed our future.

For the longest time I wanted to be Randy Watson for Halloween, but I could never find a powder blue three piece suit. I also worried about the fact that no one would recognize my costume, but at this point I couldn’t care less. Randy Watson for Halloween! I worked with my friend to make these mock up high waist pants to see how the pattern falls together. I don’t have a reference for the pants pattern since I made them from scratch, but there are tons of YouTube videos that act as great guides. I also worked a bit on the splendiferous top. I hope to finish the suit later this month. Maybe I can get a good nights rest and focus on perfecting my rendition of The Greatest Love on October 30th.

Pants Back View 
Draft of Top 

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