Summertime fun in the sun with these joints.


A friend introduced me to this group in late 2011. I saw them at a local music venue and was enthralled with the lead singer Coco and the man behind the music, Robin Hannibal. Together they make Quadron, a duo that makes soulful electronic treats for your eardrums. I copped their self-titled album and quickly identified some all time favorite joints like Day and Slippin. In May they released Avalanche, another amazing album with just as many soulful rhythms as their first album. The first song on the album, LTF, inspired me to make a few garments that I will post soon.

I saw Madlib with Witch’s Jagari Chanda last month in San Francisco. The energetic rock show and dj set made me incredibly excited to listen to this album.

Witch's Jagari Chanda 
Madlib at 105 Folsom 
Witch's Jagari Chanda
I think it provides that good old Quas sound. I think this sound might be an acquired one, a few of my friends could go without a listen, but I enjoy the back and forth that takes place between Madlib and his alter ego Quasimoto over the chopped up samples and syncopated beats. I really appreciate the sounds from this album and magically crafted samples. I believe a good sample can bridge old and new feelings and memories. Many of the samples allowed me to recall some classic jams with a Quasimoto twist.
Now this is not a summertime release, in fact this mixtape was released in April. I started listening to the mixtape this summer. Better late than never, right? I am a huge fan of Big K.R.I.T’s previous mixtapes, 4eva N A Day, Return of 4eva, and KRIT Wuz Here. So many jams!! I still play these mixtapes like they are new. Back to the topic at hand – King Remembered in Time, another classic with thought provoking lyrics, solid production and third coast style that only Big KRIT can deliver.

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