When life gives you very little fabric, make a newsboy cap…

I refuse to buy new fabric until I tend to all of my unfinished sewing projects. Letting a sewing project fall to the waist side is incredibly easy for me; I let life’s ups and downs, smiles and frowns distract me from my projects. I have made a concerted effort to think about what I can do with all of the scraps I have on deck, thus the newsboy cap. But Valerie, how did you decide to make a newsboy cap? Well, wanna hear story, here it goes.

I started out with a nearly completed pencil skirt that I created in 2011 (this is where things go south). I sew in the lining and call it a night. The next day I sew in the zipper, no harm no foul. Well, I decide that I actually want to wear this skirt while rushing to work- what an idea! As I am rushing to throw the skirt on I can’t seem to get it on. Well now, I don’t attribute this to weight gain – hell naw! I am still rocking my jeans from 2011, right, well…maybe…One good jump into this skirt and I am out of here, I just need to do a little jig, slip it on and I am good to go – NO! The skirt gently weeps as the ends of the fabric call it quits and go their separate ways – rest in pieces pencil skirt.

Instead of a pencil skirt, I go for a newsboy cap. I think it is fair for a first run. I think I am going to make a few more of these and put them on my dusty ETSY page. There is nothing on my page but cobwebs right now (le sigh).

Hat View 1
Hat View 2
Hat View 3
Hat View 4

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