The third night of the Ahead of the Class Tour hit Denver and it was a sight to see. Everyone on stage gave a live performance for the crowd. I am still working with Lucille to make magic, so my grainy pictures will have to suffice.
All in all a great show, it was a great mix of local artists and those from both the east (Brooklynati) and west coast. I got a chance to see Tiron, who I believe is from Chicago and now based in Los Angeles – you know how I luh those Cali emcees (see Your My Boy Blu!). Tiron as well as everyone else had amazing stage presence. He started the set with  multiple layers of clothing needed to fair the cold of Colorado weather. He told the crowd that he would shed a layer of clothing as he went into each song. As he did so, he connected more and more with the crowd, cracking jokes with the crowd before continuing with his set list.
Von Pea
Before he went into Sydney he asked the fellas in the crowd how many of them have been put into the friend category. That in itself got the guys waving their hands in the air saying “I got enough friends, got enough friends!” Tiron in particular gave one hell of a show given he performed in Colorado Springs only to fly back to Los Angeles and right back to the mile high city. I was sold after hearing For Your Smile filled with reminiscent rhymes about growing up and some of the things a guy did for a girl a smile. I appreciated the refreshing sounds and rhymes that Tiron provided and I think you will too. Check out his mixtape MSTRD which includes For Your Smile and Ketchup which includes Sydney.
Don Will
They put on a great show, doing some of their classic jams and some mixtape joints. I am really slipping on my Tanya Morgan game and definitely need to step my game up. They definitely had a great presence and connected with their die hard fans who requested jams from five years ago! They exchanged greetings with folks in the front and had folks rocking in the back.

BIG UPS to all the folks that put this together! Again I got hip to this event through DJ Low Key’s website (See Denver has The Solution). I am looking forward to supporting and attending many more of their events. Check the other grainy joints, links to sites, and downloads below:
Don Will
Don WIll

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