Thanks to 2DopeBoyz I can stay current on up and coming projects from the Southern Cali based artist Blu. I have been a fan since 2008 after hearing Classy Man on the Rappers I Know podcast. Earlier tonight I saw a video interview that goes into some detail about his new project NoYork! and I was kind of geeked to say the least.

After Classy Man the first thing I could find was an album called Below the Heavens. I can say truthfully that the album is still in rotation. The sounds of producer Exile and the rhymes that Blu spits provide a winning left right combination that hits your body and tap your soul. The two bring a refreshing sound with quality production and heartfelt lyrics. In a word the album is dope – cop it! Well maybe not the album since the only actual cd available is on Amazon for about 300 dollars, in France (don’t believe me check it out for yourself – Below the Heavens CD).

At any rate, I have gone on to listen to his other work, particularly as one half of  Johnson&Jonson and some other pieces. Although many complain that he has not come out with new material, myself included, I will still continue to enjoy his catalog. Hopefully he goes on tour so I can get some more pictures like these.

Blu Light



  …or not.

Until NoYork! is released I will continue to listen to some of my favorites:

(Side note, I asked Exile if the sample for this song at a show and mum was the word, perhaps it isn’t a sample)

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