After a solid year of contemplating my attendance at the event that is The Solution, I finally had an opportunity to experience this tantamount experience of beats rhymes and life. In celebration of a friends birthday I attended Denver’s The Solution at 3014 Colfax. I always used a passive aggressive approach to wrangle friends to go as I have been interested in attending. At long last I was there. The folks behind The Solution featured the work of an awesome artist by the name of Thomas Evans (its a myspace account, I can do better and will try to find something else, how about an interview) who has some fantastic airbrushing work.

In addition to the visual stimulation, the DJ’s came with a no holds barred set of ginormous proportions. All three DJ’s; DJ Low Key, DJ Lazy Eyez, and special guest DJ Clockwork caused me to jump around like I won the lottery during the first few seconds of each song. At times the DJ would give snippet of the classic that would cause all of us to explode with glee. The first few notes of Little Brother’s Lovin’ It was a true example of that. He even took us back to the days of Candy Rain from Soul for Real.

Eh! Eh! Did you catch that KRS! (Bear with me as I have a new camera and I obviously do not know how to use it :/)

The set list was comprehensive, extensive, and reassuring – I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a song, or sweated like a hog under a fence in the middle of July. I gotta say after going to The Solution I can’t stop, won’t stop…yes I love it!

DJ Clockwork –
The Solution –

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