On Repeat | Zico | Any Song

Sheltering in place (SIP) has resulted in the consumption of a lot of online content. Lately I’ve been going down YouTube rabbit holes. I’m shocked that the algorithm has yet to take me to the lo-fi hip hop girl studying at her desk. On one of these SIP days, while meandering about my place and … Continue Reading

On Repeat | Jazmine Sullivan | Pick Up Your Feelings

The hackneyed phrase, life’s about the the journey, not the destination is all well and good. There are folks whose journeys of self-discovery, healing, or growth are inspirational and worthy of admiration. But then, there are some whose journey seems predestined – written in the stars. I believe that is the case for Jazmine Sullivan. … Continue Reading

On Repeat | Gabriel Garzón-Montano | Tombs

Whatever I write about “Tombs” or Agüita won’t do it any justice. For a comprehensive review, check out Albumism or FLOOD Magazine. I’m just acting as a scribe to my inner fangirl at the moment. I’m one track into the album and excited to hear what Gabriel Garzón-Montano has in store. What I can say about “Tombs” is that if … Continue Reading

On Repeat | Spillage Village | Spilligion

Honestly, I am embarrassed that I am just getting hip to Spillage Village. I consider myself a fan of JID, Mereba, and EarthGang respectively; having seen all of them separately between 2018 and 2019. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that they comprise part of a musical collective called Spillage Village. For once, … Continue Reading

On Repeat | Erykah Badu | Mama’s Gun

On this day, twenty years ago, Erykah Badu released Mama’s Gun. I clung to Mama’s Gun in the middle of my adolescence. On weekends, I would clean my small bedroom, humming along with “Didn’t Cha Know”. Read the liner notes of the CD insert while softly singing along to “Orange Moon”. Harmonized with the backup … Continue Reading

My Kalle Shirt

I tend to buy fabric, keep it for years and then make something out of it. It is as if I conduct my sewing with a reverse expiration date. If I cut the fabric before a few years have passed, I will surely find a pattern better suited for the fabric or the print, and … Continue Reading

On Repeat | DEAN, Rad Museum, Mokyo | 숨 (Breath)

Just breathe… It feels like the things will not let up. Since my last post, John Lewis died and more black folx have been harassed and killed. Even more lives have been lost to COVID-19, and just last week, Chadwick Boseman passed away after a four-year long battle with colon cancer. To say I am … Continue Reading

Zinnia Skirt

Last year, I was determined to have some semblance of a summer vacation. I knew I couldn’t vacate for a long stretch of time, so I set out to visit some good friends across the country (damn I miss visiting friends). I managed to make it to Denver and Seattle. During my time in Denver, … Continue Reading

Southern California Dreaming with a Matching Set

The pandemic and onslaught of anti-blackness and police brutality continue to take its toll, but I am finding the strength to press on and do what I can. One of the ways I am able to show up for myself and therein for others, is to find little moments to practice self-care. This includes a … Continue Reading

On Repeat | Anderson .Paak | Lockdown

I have talked at length with my loved ones about my pain, sorrow, frustration and exhaustion. At times, I experienced difficulty tapping into and exuding hope. But as time marches on, so does the movement, and I am inspired by the change that is possible. Anderson Paak’s Juneteenth release of the single and video, “Lockdown” … Continue Reading